When you want to enjoy a wonderful vegan smoothie, there are a number of ingredients that you would need to keep in mind.

By shopping for some wonderful fruits and vegetables, you will be in a great position to pack plenty of nutrients inside of this smoothie which will give you energy and vitality to get you through the day and through your entire life.

To this end, read below and use these tips as you decide what you would like to put inside of your smoothie.

One tip before we start:

Make sure you have the right blender for making smoothies: Best Blender for Smoothies 2017

Plenty of berries

Various are some of the best types of food you can put inside of your body.

They give you a great deal of B vitamins and energy so that you are able to make it through your day with excellent brain function and to speed up your metabolism.

Some excellent types of berries to put inside of a fruit smoothie include blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.


Avocado is a wonderful food in that it not only gives you plenty of calories, but that it also provides you with hair, skin and nail health.

You will also be able to get plenty of energy from avocados and will be able to boost your body and lower bad cholesterol inside of your heart.


You need great leafy greens inside of your life, so be sure that you purchase some fresh and organic spinach to go with this smoothies.

Spinach smoothies are excellent sources of protein and vitamins in your body so make sure that you add nutritional value by sticking to spinach for your smoothies. If you want even more protein, then consider adding the top vegan protein powders as well.

If you use these three different types of food, you will be in a great position to boost your health and nutrition exponential.